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  1. Need some serious help here.....

    Yeah, I hear ya on that. Must suck as people are always complaining about NYC, but they have some of th best dj's and clubs in their own back yard! LOL I won't be down on sat night so fri is my night out. Think I am just going to look and do the main stream thing as I am not sure what she will really be into. thanks for the help.
  2. Need some serious help here.....

    Just wondering, what are you into and where does that lead you in Miami parties?? Are you into like Teddy Patterson? Nic Matar? Cielo is my favorite club in NYC if that helps you at all, but again, I have to consider her and I don't know if she would be down with that.
  3. Need some serious help here.....

    Meaning, when I go to clubs in NYC/NJ/Philly, I usually go because there is a specific DJ that I like. So I know what kind of music it is and whether I like to dance to it or not. Don't get me wrong, when your taking hot azz out, it's more about models and bottles as we all say! lol Completely me means if it were me, i would be looking for a specific sound or type. In other words you wont really find me at a PVD or Tiesto party because even though the music is good, IMHO, its not my type of music to dance to. I like more funky beats, but like a mix. She however, is not really a house head and goes to places more for show than substance, if you know what I mean. But shes smoking hot and I won't fault her for it! LOL
  4. Need some serious help here.....

    Well, if it were completely me, I would say house like my main man Steve Porter (funky mix of all genres),Behrouz, chus, Satoshi, Morillo, Sasha, etc Even some like Ingrasso, Axwell etc. Nothing to strictly trancy, or to guido proggy/tribal. I like a funky mix of alot of stuff. She is more into I think like vocal/commercially house / R&B / Hip Hop. She's the typical, Mansion, Prive, Mynt, kind of girl who likes to dance, but loves to be in what she thinks is the "in" crowd! Hence the 20 yrs of age! LOL. After a little research I was thinking maybe Vice (upstairs of the old crobar from what I understand) as I am getting a table most likely and want to dance. Just don't know the kind of house they spin up there. Plus we can wander into the main floor (cameo) if she wants to hear some Hip Hop. Also thought maybe Pearl, or Nobu for sky bar. Any help with type of house spun at venues and ability to get her in, whether by dinnerm table or just flat out cash, would be GREATLy appreciated!
  5. Need some serious help here.....

    Yeah, I figured Shore club and Nobu, just didn't know if she would have a prob getting into like the red room or anything. Out of the places you mentioned, which has house on fridays? do you know? I have partied at Delano, Sag's and shore.
  6. Need some serious help here.....

    Haven't partied in SoBe in a couple of years. Need to know if there are any hot restaurant/club combos, besides Nobu/tantra/etc, that technically grant you access into the club or lounge after dinner? Kind of how the old Opium use to be with their japanese restaurant. Reason is I have a friend coming with me, but she is just shy of 21 and thats usually a problem. I've done this in the past with some women and never had an issue, but the clubs have changed. Also, if anyone has a hook up for table service that might turn an eye to such a thing, please respond. Otherwise it slipping a bill in the door mans wallet trick. Will be there Oct 12th (fri) and really looking for house, but she like hip hop more. I swear I never saw so many hip hop clubs in So Be! The Electronica scene seems to be going further down in a spiral, no?!?! Any help is much appreciated.