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  1. I'm sure over the years, some of you have been to a few concerts. ME, i try to go at any chance I can. Here's my small but informative list: Evanescence (With Three days Grace, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin) Velvet Revolver (With Three days Grace) METALLICA!!!! (With Godsmack) <--BEST FRICKING CONCERT EVER. Sum 41 (With some bands I cant remember..from Toronto) and the rest... Avril Lavigne (With Gob and Swollen Members) <-- I was like 13 Backstreet Boys (With someone else..dunno who) <--COME ON! I was like 6! Hilary Duff <--yeah.. i had to bring my sister to it. Britney Spears <--Back when she had one album and wasnt a slut. Im sure I went to others, I just cant remember them all..XD Concerts I want to/hoping to attend: Ozzfest Warped Tour HIM And I also wanted to go to Taste of Chaos because of My Chemical Romance *drool* I also missed Billy Talent, because I was grounded. But my friends got me some autographs....and the bassist left me a nice message saying: "haha, you're grounded, too bad, from John" I was like: O_O WOOT! _________________ bat control free speed up pc software
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