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  1. Any and All Advice Appreciated!

    I used to live in Glasgow, perth doesnt really compare unfortunately!
  2. Hey there. First off i'd like to say hi to everyone on here. Im a 23 year old bloke from Scotland and im heading over to NYC for the week just before christmas (17th - 24th) and was hoping to get the inside knowledge on the best places to go pubbing and clubbing so i can make the most of my time over there. I was over for 3 nights last september and absolutely loved it so ive been desperate to get back over ever since! Last time i only managed to go out properly for one night and ended up in Marquee (on my own wearing my kilt and the doorman waved me straight in after turning away 3 or 4 others - well impressed! ). Any info on where/when to go and the do's and don'ts of getting in would be much appreciated! Thanks Will