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  1. The 1st Annual Sunburn Dance Music Festival Goa 2007, takes place on the 28th and 29th of Dec, off the beautiful and serene Candolim Beach amongst the Palm trees in Goa, India. Headlining this event are some of the best DJ's from across the world and India representing a ton of genre's across the EDM spectrum. Goa: Goa is the birth place of the modern rave culture and the birth place of Goa Trance which was the precursor to Psy Trance. Goa is Home to Psychedelia art and culture. Who hasn't heard of the Anjuna Beach, which has been home to some of the best raves in the world for the past 20+ years and has inspired labels such as "Anjuna Beats". This is the perfect escape to the winter cold with temparatures in Goa at this time of the year hovering between 75F - 80F. There are more than 50 beaches in and around Goa and most of them are yet to be discovered each having its own unique color of sand. Goa is known for its hospitality and food. You get all kinds of food from across the world. The food served in the beach shacks and on the sands are the best. Food and Drinks are very cheap. A bottle of beer during peak season (December) will cost you slightly more than a Dollar. MUST READ:Goan Rave Culture History: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/psychedelic_trance/psy_history_part1.htm Submerge: Besides the Sunburn Festival this year, Submerge has been organizing "The Zanzibar Beach Festival" on the "Baga" beach in Goa for the Past 5 years. This festival is held on the sands and lasts for 8-9 days usually starting in the afternoons and running through 11pm, begining from the 26th of Dec and running through 2nd of Jan, showcasing the best DJ's from around the country. This year the Beach Party will also play host to the Sunburn Pre-party on the 27th of Dec, featuring DJ's listed in the Sunburn line-up spinning on the sands while you enjoy the hot Sun and Sand and lose yourself sipping your fav drink served to you straight on the sands. Pictures from the past Submerge Zanzibar Beach Festivals: http://s233.photobucket.com/albums/ee240/Submerge_album/Beach%20Parties/ Besides the Submerge events, Goa has a lot of clubbing to offer, with the popular clubs such as "Cabana" and the infamous "Paradiso". Besides the clubs, there are raves happening amidst the forest and the hills of Goa almost 24/7. Goa offers the infamous Freedom of Thought that no other place can. If you do some research over the net you'll know why so many tourists arrive but NEVER leave. ;-) Submerge Events: Submerge Beach Festival: 26th Dec - 2nd Jan (Best of House, Trance, Progressive and Techno) featuring the best local and international DJ's. Smirnoff Sunburn Festival: 28th Dec - 29th Dec (Premier EDM festival in Asia) featuring top DJ's from across the world cover most genre's.) Submerge Annual Party: 30th Dec (This even will be a "Defected" event and will feature some of the top artist from "Defected". Related Links: Official Smirnoff Sunburn Website and Tickets: http://www.sunburn-festival.com/ Submerge Website (Under construction): http://www.submerge.in/ Festival Discussion: http://www.submerge.in/bulletin/ Goan Rave Culture History: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/psychedelic_trance/psy_history_part1.htm Candolim Beach : http://candolimgoa.com/candolim_beach.htm Popular Beaches of Goa: http://candolimgoa.com/goa_beach.htm http://www.goavacationguide.com/goa-beaches/index.html