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  1. Artist : Darin Epsilon Title : Bluephobia Mix (es) : Original / Jairus Miller Aquamarine Mix / C.O.U. Muzik's Deep Narcosis Mix / Jairus Miller Colorblind Mix Label : Gravitation Digital Cat : GravDigi005 Country : U.K Release Date : 27th November 07 Reaction Key Points: Darin Epsilon make's he debut on Gravitation Digital with a killer package! Previous releases have landed him on labels like Curvve, Navigation, Biohazard and Red Circle to name but a few! DJ Support: Hernan Cattaneo, Jody Wisternoff, Chloe Harris, Dj Tarkan, Flash Brothers, Shawn Mitiska, Dj Kai, Terry Grant, Eelke Klein, Joe Sweeney, Spesh,Villo, Emanuel Phaz, Matt Black, Kevin Shiu, Rodrigo Ramirez, Ariel Cybana, Dj X Man, Dj Klang, Ian Ossia, Sandra Collins, Dj Tekes, Dj Nondas,Chris Sterio,Tim Mills,LRCN,SashaLe Monnier,Sean McClellan,ChadMcNelly,Darin Epsilon,Hadi burpee, Joerg (progressiveworld.at) Moshic Record Pool Support: Both Jairus Miller mixes @ No 47 & 33 and the Original Mix @ No 20 and C.O.U. Muzik's Deep Narcosis Mix @ No 4 make it into the Release Promo Pool Chart for week ending: 2007-10-23 Radio Support: Rotationz Radio, Proton Radio, Energy FM, www.clubiom.co.uk, Dance Radio GR, Radio Emotion, Radio Galaxie, Frisky Radio. DI.FM (Hernan Cattaneo) Metro 95.1 International Support: USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Belgium, UK, Puerto Rico, Greece, Mexico, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey http://www.sourceofgravity http://www.darinepsilon.com Just some of the feedback Hernan Cattaneo... original and Jairus Miller Mix 2 are really good Jody Wisternoff...Really good tracks here !! A lot of substance and depth . Emanuel Phaz..."Bluephobia is definetely gonna be on my sets for a while! Top notch material! Well done!" Sandra Collins...love the C.O.U. Muzik Remix Matt Black...Really like the Jarius Miller colourblind remix, right up my street! Ariel Cybana...sweet bassline in the cou mix... the original is pretty nice as well. nice sunrise sort of grooves in there 8/10 and the remixes get a 7/10 Rodrigo Ramirez [Tigerhook Corp]...C.O.U. Muzik Deep Narcosis mix <-- nice! DJ Klang (Mexico)...I like all the mixes but my favourite is the original one, is have a very special kind of bass line, and chunky drums, a must have from this season DJ NONDAS (Zoltan Arday)...CO.U. Muzik Remix 10/10 excellent electro style Ian Ossia....C.O.U. Muzik mix is an Interesting off beat groove with great fx and the Original Mix is subtly uplifting DJ Science...the Aquamarine By Jarius- This has some great end-of-the-night energy. I will be playing this closer to the end of the peak hours in the lead in to more trancy breaks. Eelke Klein...Heard the original track a while back already nice work. The one for me from this package however is C O U M remix. Wicked triplet stuff !! Gene ...10/10 for the Original the best , the best , the best !!! no words for this tracks , special bassline & atmosphere . perfect!!!! Deepsky (Jason Blum)...Jairus's Colorblind Remix cool mellower mix, rounds out the package nicely Moshic ....The C.O.U. Muzik Remix will go onto my laptop..Thanks! The Mystic Force...The Original is a cool production, like the dreamy atmosphere in it, perfect warming up track! Matty Styles...The Oriignal is deep. nice bass line ...The Aquamarine & COU mix are excellent, this is a solid progressive track, great elements and a bass that just helps the track move along Atila...The origanl track is as good as any of the remixes would get, really good track from Darin! Reviews Featured on these sites!! http://www.progressive-world.at/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1773&Itemid=128 http://progressivehouse.com/reviews/483
  2. http://www.djsashalemonnier.com http://www.reverbnation.com/sashalemonnier Download Mix Here!! 01..Facundo Mohrr - 400 HKT (Original) - Progrezo Records 02..Andre Batos & Marco D La Rossi - Medo - Miniboy Remix - Ananas 03..francisco pico - Falling into Deep - Original 04..D - Suckers - Danger - Marcelo Carvalho - Ananas 05..Oliver Moldan Pres Prawler - Stunning - 06..Speculum - Invader -Original - Used Abused 07...Miniboy - Red Alert Jason Bralli 08..Mikel Curcio -Pain -Boshell & Cody - Omnis 09..Alex Costa - Time Flies - Original - 303 lovers 10..Bones & Rogers - Whippersnapper - Alex Costa Remix - Red Ant 11..Moras & Morales - Sweet Dancing - Hernan Peredes - Surge 12..Bs As Deep- Illuminate - The Stain Remix - Cdr 13..Squash 84 - Pleasure Yacht (Kosmas Epsilon) - Only Records 14..Fobee - Xpoint - Vise Versa Music 15..Fade - Left 16..Danny Alpha & Themi Undergroove - Past and Future- James Solid Mix - Cdr 17..Jan Van Lier - One Through Seven (Momu) - Loöq Records 18..Mateo Murphy & Jerome Robins - Prototype (Original) - Emote Music 19..Bs As Deep - Illuminate - Chris Drifter Mix - Cdr 20..Section75 Pres Lee Pennington - Breakout - Source Of Gravity Digital
  3. Artist : C.O.U. Muzik Title : The 9.30 Express Mix (es) : Original / Sean McClellan Mix / J&S Project Remix / Tim M's Red Line DC Metro Mix Label : Gravitation Digital Cat : GravDigi004 Country : U.K Release Date: 27th November 07 Reaction Key Points... C.O.U Muzik's debut on the Source Of Gravity Digital's sister label Gravitation Digital, follow on from their already popular 'Big Scoop Remix' on Sean McClellan's Times Up E.P C.O.U. Muzik Original Mix - Just imagine yourself gliding along on this train...smooth uplifting melodies is the key to this track with with an almost kraftwerk feel with that bassline...this just chugs along beautifully with that percussion....Great Original sound! Sean McClellan aka KVK - Deep dark grooves and bass lines brightened up by a funky grove that will make ya' want to frackin' drop that drink and just plain put your arms in the air and make your self known to the dj! J&S Project - These Global Underground Producers go into a little deeper in mood with their interpretation of this brilliant piece... Very melodically in a minimal / electro way keeping a kick ya' in yer ass if you miss a step on the floor attitude... Tim-M - Keeping true to the tracks original form, keeping many of the original fanfare, while melding harmonics with interpretation, along-side adding a little touch of his own past, a smooth ambience about this one!! DJ Support: Ian Ossia,Spesh,Matt Black,JD Turbine,Thee-o,Kevin Shiu,DJ Tekes,J-Punch,Deepsky (Jason Blum),Aaron Mossey,Dave Brock,DISTANCE IMBALANCE,LLavoe,jaEv,james sanderlin,DJ Mindaugelis,Chris Sterio,Sean McClellan,Tim Mills,Lee Pennington,ChadMcNeely,Hadi Burpee,Sasha Le Monnier Record Pool Support: The Original mix reaching number 32 @ Release Promo pool week ending 2007-10-15 and also entered in to the Richmond Promo pool @ 33 for the month of October Radio Support: Rotationz Radio, Proton Radio, Energy FM, www.clubiom.co.uk, Dance Radio GR, Radio Emotion, Radio Galaxie, Frisky Radio. DI.FM InternationalSupport : U.K,U.S.A,Lithuania,Mexico,Canada,Italy http://www.sourceofgravity.com http://www.myspace.com/coumuzik e.mail.... [email protected] Just some of the feedback Ian Ossia...The Original Mix -wow lovely!! Deepsky (Jason Blum)... dig the uplifting vibe in the Original and the J&S Project is one cool prog/electro track, will bridge nicely between styles in a set. jaEv...Sean's Mix, Delayed melodies with chunky breakbeat grooves and the Original scoring 10/10 and Tim M's Perfect after hours groove!! Aaron Mossey...Stellar & Spooky Feel to this Original Mix...Well Done! Dave Brock....This is a strikingly original piece of work - the almost-ethereal keys running over the top have a sort of Fixx-feel to them...tasty! and The J&S Project is a Wonderful - totally capture that late-night-big-city vibe...if I don't hear this at 5am, I don't know when I will DJ Mindaugelis...Sean's Remix Has lovely guitar work , amazing , great ! Spesh...The original and J&S project mixes have a driving bassline and catchy melody that should go over well on the dancefloor - in my bag! Matt Black...Original mix is quite nice, reckon it will fit in with what im playing right now. Kevin Shiu...All 4 cuts are good but,I like the original the best. Very uplifting.I will play this.Thank you very much. J-Punch...i like the red line DC metro mix. Ariel Cybana...has some nice sounds/use of pads with the original. good variety of mixes from the breaky, electroey and the down tempo as well. 7/10 DiStance Imbalance...Sean's and the original both getting 9/10 james sanderlin..The Original - 9/10 very nice. love the spacyness of the track but still useable in a funk prog area of a set Mike McKenna (DiscoScience) Charted in October Charts
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    Hi Guy's cool to meet you all Nice to join a full on foum with loads going on.!! You can find out all the knowledge you want to know about by clicking the link below http://www.djsashalemonnier.com/biography.htm