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  1. hello again

    welcome back, we've missed you!
  2. Stuck like a snail on an island

    NYC I decided to just call that girl up. We're gonna go maybe this weekend, but then again finals are next week...
  3. Club suggestions?

    hmm, for now i just want to go out and have some fun, dance to music, meet people. and yes, I'm 22.
  4. hey guys, I don't really club much, and but I wanna get into it. I was reading some reviews on citysearch about clubs in the city, but not too sure how much I can trust those. what's to stop a club from voting itself up, and also alot of the reviews are over a year old. can you guys recommend any clubs? would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rich
  5. Stuck like a snail on an island

    Hmmm. I was under the assumption that it's pretty hard to get into a club if you are just one guy. But ok. I might just do that tonight then. Thanks
  6. Because seawater is salty and all.. anyyyway. So I wanna start clubbing (I'm 22, I think I've avoided it long enough.) But.. None of my friends wanna go clubbing, and my other friends that do club goto asian clubs (went to one once, it was the first/last club i've been to, and it sucked.) What to do?? I do know this one girl that said she wants to start clubbing, but meh. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rich