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  1. Club Exit Brooklyn - Reviews?

    Thanks for the info. If and when I make it out there i'll be back with my take on it.
  2. Club Stereo (33rd St) Closing?

    It was the best club in the city in my opinion, hardly a drug den. Has a bangin sound system and always had top notch DJ's spinning every weekend. I'll definately be there this saturday for the closing party.
  3. Club Exit Brooklyn - Reviews?

    Thanks for the info. I was just curious since places to go in the city nowadays seem to be phasing out.
  4. I been wanting to check out this place for a while now. Don't see many online reviews about it. Anyone have any info on it? I see from their website that it's 18 & over....is it a real young crowd?
  5. Mansion: Not so Terrible?

    What exactly is the deal with Mansion anyways? Are they offically open to the public? I can't find any info online, and all their website has is that mailing list signup form, but no emails from them yet.
  6. It really sucks that this is how Mansion is going to be. I think alot of people on here would agree that we dont go to "big room" clubs to hear hip hop and have table scattered all over the dance floor. Don't get me wrong, I love hip hop, but it's not what I go to a club to hear. Watever happend to everything being about the music?
  7. Question about Cielo

    Thanks man!
  8. Question about Cielo

    Never been before, but i've been thinking about going (probably a sat night). My question is about the door policy since it doesn't seem to say so on their website. Is there any kind of dress code or so many girls to a guy rule? How about the crowd? Does it get insanely packed in there since it's such a small space?
  9. I mean, alright, relax....just giving my opinion. Who the hell is Pedro?
  10. agreed. Pacha does bring in some good DJ's, it's just that it's nothing like it was when it was SF. It doesn't suck, it's just not like it used to be. Way too much VIP going on in there and the cover charge is usually the biggest rip-off if you don't order advance tickets online. I actually paid $40 to get in there one night and it was only midnight.
  11. I'm a little confused. What space is Mansion supposed to be opening up in? I thought that was supposed to be what Crobar/Studio Mezmor was? On another note, what's the deal with Terminal 5 where Exit used to be? Are they ever going to have club nights or is it just gonna remain a concert hall?
  12. Terminal 5

    So what is the deal with this place? Is it just going to remian a concert venue, or will they ever open it as a nightclub again? It's such a great space, it's really a shame they just do rock concerts here.