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  1. two guys from the uk need advice!!

    hey thanks for the advice. i did look at the roosevelt actually and looked nice. were into most popular stuff, just not metal or heavy rock kinda stuff. what kind of areas do we need to be telling the cab driver when we get there for good bars and clubs?
  2. two guys from the uk need advice!!

    hi, first post here, my names stu, im all the way from the UK. me and a buddy are planning a trip out to the LA area in the summer to spend a couple of weeks hitting some clubs and bars, getting wasted (and hopefully meet some nice america ladies) then gonna head down to see my brother and sister near laguna hills for a while. i just want to ask where in LA we need to be heading for the best night life? main concern is getting a hotel in the right place, obviously we dont want to end up in a hotel thats miles away from where all the action happens! and if anyone is willing to play tour guide with us for a couple of nights during our stay we'd be more than happy to get the drinks in! thanks alot, stu