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2 dreams involving board members

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I3aBy13Oy (11:38:12 PM): ok so we are at the roxy

I3aBy13Oy (11:38:19 PM): and we're doign the whole meetup think

I3aBy13Oy (11:38:27 PM): talking and shit

I3aBy13Oy (11:39:15 PM): and 2 females that will remain nameless

I3aBy13Oy (11:39:19 PM): :-P

I3aBy13Oy (11:39:22 PM): come in

I3aBy13Oy (11:39:43 PM): and I walk over to them say hi kisses on the cheek and whatever.

I3aBy13Oy (11:39:58 PM): one girl is wearing ralph and another is wearing tommy girl

I3aBy13Oy (11:40:04 PM): my two fav scents

I3aBy13Oy (11:41:00 PM): and before like they get swarmed by guys Im like talking dirty a lil bit

I3aBy13Oy (11:41:24 PM): just saying how good they look

I3aBy13Oy (11:41:37 PM): touching thier hands

I3aBy13Oy (11:43:43 PM): running down my hand down thier backs to the tops of their ass

I3aBy13Oy (11:43:48 PM): my dick is so hard

I3aBy13Oy (11:44:05 PM): I don't wanna get near them or else they my feel it

I3aBy13Oy (11:44:16 PM): and I would be totally embarassed

I3aBy13Oy (11:44:54 PM): so I tell them I will be right back

I3aBy13Oy (11:44:59 PM): and I go off do my thing for a bit

I3aBy13Oy (11:45:15 PM): then walking in the darkness I see them just chillin

I3aBy13Oy (11:45:33 PM): in a corner with guilty looks on thier faces

I3aBy13Oy (11:45:51 PM): I walk over and say whats up give hugs

I3aBy13Oy (11:46:22 PM): and I the feeling of girl in my arms is just incredible you know

I3aBy13Oy (11:47:12 PM): the looks Im getting could melt steel these girls were hot

I3aBy13Oy (11:47:17 PM): and we are like flirting

I3aBy13Oy (11:47:27 PM): and hands are brushing asses and breasts

I3aBy13Oy (11:47:32 PM): and cock

I3aBy13Oy (11:48:15 PM): and I ask my usually uncomforting question

I3aBy13Oy (11:48:29 PM): and I ask them If I can taste the sweat of thier necks

I3aBy13Oy (11:49:43 PM): and I get a giggle and they a why not

I3aBy13Oy (11:50:01 PM): and there I am with my arms around two heavenly bodies

I3aBy13Oy (11:50:26 PM): suckin on thier necks, tasting ...

I3aBy13Oy (11:50:27 PM): just

I3aBy13Oy (11:50:32 PM): mmmm

I3aBy13Oy (11:51:07 PM): and then I said we should do this some other time again and they said its 6 00 wake up

I3aBy13Oy (11:53:17 PM): then at had another dream about this one girl

I3aBy13Oy (11:53:20 PM): and we are in bed

I3aBy13Oy (11:53:35 PM): and Im fucking her from behind

I3aBy13Oy (11:53:49 PM): and her ass is in the air with her face in a pillow

I3aBy13Oy (11:54:21 PM): Im using nice long strokes with a little bit of athourity before I get all the way to the root

I3aBy13Oy (11:54:43 PM): smacking her ass pulling her hair ever once and a while just so I can hear her curse and talk dirty

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:02 PM): she starts to cumm around my dick

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:05 PM): and I pull out

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:14 PM): and start to eat her pussy

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:32 PM): and tounge her ass just hearing her moan

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:37 PM): Im loving it

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:49 PM): yeah

I3aBy13Oy (11:55:58 PM): I will :-)

I3aBy13Oy (11:56:26 PM): so then Im fucking her missionary

I3aBy13Oy (11:56:40 PM): with her leggs all sorts off cocked up you know what Im sayin

I3aBy13Oy (11:57:01 PM): and like Im the type of guy that I can't just cum I gotta like concentrate

I3aBy13Oy (11:58:53 PM): so like when I cum I like go into a trance

I3aBy13Oy (11:59:04 PM): I literally see stars

I3aBy13Oy (11:59:29 PM): so Im fucking her slowly

I3aBy13Oy (11:59:44 PM): kissing her sucking on her bottom lip

I3aBy13Oy (11:59:58 PM): holding her as tight as I can

I3aBy13Oy (12:00:07 AM): and Im feeling like every inch of her pussy

I3aBy13Oy (12:00:20 AM): like my dick slipping past her cervix

I3aBy13Oy (12:00:41 AM): her cum driping on my balls and it cooling

I3aBy13Oy (12:00:44 AM): everything

I3aBy13Oy (12:01:35 AM): just so hot

I3aBy13Oy (12:01:52 AM): then she says she wan'ts me to cum

I3aBy13Oy (12:02:33 AM): and Im very dominant and Im like say it louder scream it for me

I3aBy13Oy (12:02:46 AM): and she starts screaming please cum in my pussy

I3aBy13Oy (12:03:11 AM): and I just start fucking her hard

I3aBy13Oy (12:03:15 AM): and harder

I3aBy13Oy (12:03:23 AM): and shes cumming all over my dick

I3aBy13Oy (12:03:35 AM): and her pussy is clamping my dick

I3aBy13Oy (12:03:46 AM): and her nails are going into my back

I3aBy13Oy (12:03:57 AM): she is drawing blood

I3aBy13Oy (12:04:12 AM): and Im just not eve feeling it I feel so good

I3aBy13Oy (12:04:45 AM): and in the middle of all pulling and pushing and wetness and darkness an sound pressurre

I3aBy13Oy (12:04:53 AM): I fill her pussy with like so much cum

I3aBy13Oy (12:05:26 AM): and I just colapse

I3aBy13Oy (12:05:40 AM): and Im laying on my back

I3aBy13Oy (12:05:55 AM): and shes kissing my chest and my neck

I3aBy13Oy (12:06:01 AM): which drives me nuts

I3aBy13Oy (12:06:06 AM): and Im still hard

I3aBy13Oy (12:06:20 AM): and Im like do you wanna go again?

I3aBy13Oy (12:06:52 AM): after that I got some head but nothing special happened

Thats all folks

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