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Let me take you back to 10-06 2001@vinyl


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I was sitting at home and had just gotten in from college for some reason but I really wanted to go out and every one had just bailed on me and I was stuck alone.... so I said fuck it kissed my mom and dad good bye told them not to wait up and strode out the door to the train station hop on the train drinking a 50/50 screw driver in a poland spring bottle. getting my pre club jitters on. walk from grand central to vinyl just because I was bumping adderall and I was feeling pretty good but there was no one around it was mad dead. I get to the club and get inside after talking to some people on line that were pretty cool I get inside and they dissapear.. so once again Im alone on the thresh hold of the dance floor and then these two girls smile at me and ask where is the bar and I say Ill show you and I walk with them to the bar and like a total dork I say, " Can I hang out with you I came here alone" and they said yes and we pretty much danced and chilled till about 2 thier names were Peggy and Jackie and they are members of this board. I wen't into the chill room and saw nathan and started talking to him and this other kid and this cute sprite of a girl. and he offered me a ride home if I could hang till the end... :D I met some other people that night but those 5 people I remember like yesterday sorry every one else Christian and NaT were the other two if you were wondering...

from hearing IIo-rapture for the first time (Creamer & K mix) tiesto-flight 643(original & orkedia mixes) , and planet funk- chase the sun.. the music was amazing.. and was the first time I had ever truly closed out a club.... I just wanted to share one of my happiest moment in a nightclub and it was made possible entirely by this Board... no bullshit

with that Said

MAY 4th Steve Lawler



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Sorry I'm a bit late on this one, but I had to chime in on Siceone's memory here since I was that mysterious Peggy who found him and kept him company all night.

Thanks for taking me back to that night, Sice. It was nearly perfect - Flight 243 twice, Iao's Rapture twice (before it was slaughtered on the airwaves)...Dave Seaman remains a god among men.

Next up: Steve Lawler. Bring the dark drums.

HOpe to catch you there, Sice.


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