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Day 1 Music Poll results


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Just to goad some people into getting their asses up and voting, here's how the results stand after one day of voting:

1 - Danny Tenaglia

2 - Danny Howells

3 - Deep Dish

4 - John Digweed

5 - Carl Cox

6 - Stanton Warriors

7 - Paul Van Dyk

8 (tie) - Steve Lawler/Richie Hawtin

10 - DJ Tiesto

SO.....If you don't like the way it's looking, then vote. If you want to keep out certain DJs that aren't on the list and you don't want to be there, then vote. Either way, here's the link:


DC Scene - You can pump Deep Dish higher up there...

Progressive vs. deep house people: It's a REALLY tight race between the two Dannys so far.

Either way, get off your asses and post your lists. The opportunity won't last forever....

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Also, if anyone wants to post their top 10 list on here, I'll check this page also...

Now, Tenaglia is pulling ahead of Howells a bit more, and a bunch of names that hadn't been dropped much early are starting to creep into the top 20 (Miguel Migs, Nick Warren, Derrick Carter, Taucher, Superchumbo, Lee Burridge, and Oscar Gaetano included on that list). Things seem to be shaping up, but I only have about 50 votes so far and my goal is 250, so please keep em coming.

Thanks - D

BTW Kuro.....I don't see your vote so far....

As far as breaks go, Stantons (and Hawtin) are slipping down the list a bit, whereas a few other breaks artists (BLIM, Plump DJs, Tipper, Freq Nasty, and Icey) would crack the top 100 right now. Overall, Progressive and trance DJs are still ruling things, although house DJs are catching up. Also, disappointingly, not a single DnB DJ would make the top 100 at this point. Anyhow, get yer vote up foo!

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