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Song ID?!?!?!?

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I need a song ID on this song. An old track i used to hear in SoundFactory last year. Artist/song name? thanks in advance! damn i cant get this to work. How do i post a song i have on my hardrive so that viewers can click on to listen to the song?????

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Originally posted by liqidxtc

can u be any less specific? but i mean the only person that can help u is this guy alex i know he lives in manhattan he can id pretty much anything. u should try to get in touch with him.

i know him! the guy who lives on that street with the apartment buildings, that cars drive down. hes got that hair and those eyes, and hes got one of them nose things. ur right he can id anything.

u should really look for hime jsen hes an easy guy to find i practically just told u his life story.

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