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FYI...Key Stroke Recording Virus


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Just to let you all know that there is a virus out that comes in the form of a greeting card, and another one that can be sent to you in an email that has a link to another site. I just got hit with the one with a link. I don't remember what the e-mail said or who it was that sent it. But here is what happens when you click on it. NOTHING. You won't go anywhere and the link will look like it is broken, or it will go to a porn site, but most likely it will be a broken link. But what happens that you don't see is that it records ALL of you key stokes that you have made and sends them the virus generator. So if you enter you credit card number, they got it, your password and screen names, they got that too, anything that you have typed into your computer they have. Luckily I found out about it cause they sent out porno site links using my AOL account and somebody contacted aol because of this and AOL shut off my account so for sending out the links. After I called AOL to find out why I couldn't log in they told me the whole story about the virus and what all it does. BTW I am using a virus protection but it didn't catch this. I am going to call AOL again to find out exactly what the name of the virus is and I will post it as soon as I find out.

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Follow up:

Dear Member,

Thank you for contacting America Online's Community Action Team. Based on the information you shared, a 'Trojan Horse' file may have been downloaded onto your computer and could be causing your AOL software to malfunction.

A Trojan Horse is a computer program that's designed to look like something fun or attractive -- like a game or screen saver -- but its true purpose is completely different. Trojan Horses are distributed as files attached to e-mail or web pages, which is why we recommend that you never download an email attachment sent to you by someone you don't know and are very careful about what you download from web pages on the Internet. Some Trojan Horse programs are designed to send your AOL password to another person. This gives that person access to your account.

America Online is doing everything possible to keep our Internet online community as safe and secure as possible. To learn more about the dangers of Trojan Horses or computer viruses, please visit the following areas: the Computer Protection Center at Keyword: Virus and AOL Neighborhood Watch at Keyword: Neighborhood Watch, where you can find other online safety tips.

The instructions below describe how to download the FREE evaluation version of McAfee VirusScan Software. This software is designed to disable Trojan Horse programs. There are five steps to this process (instructions for each procedure follow):

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