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Originally posted by jy

am i the only one?

i can go days without sleep, i can lay there for hours and i still wont fall asleep...fuck, this is soooooooooooo frustrating :mad:

im a insomniac.. but im used to it.. been like this since i was 15... however one of my ex-girl... wasnt except on sunday nights... i used to give her full body lotion massages untill she passed out... after we made love :( God its those lil things i miss the most... fuck! anyhoo... if you need some help... drop a line, no charge, first times free... ;)

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Originally posted by dgmodel

eh from here to canada... hrrrrm??? the way i drive? prolly about 4hrs-5hrs... should i put my pj's on??? (the one piece jammy with the booties and the superman symbol on the chest???>)

whatever floats your boat babe.. as long as i get my rub down i'm happy. :)

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Originally posted by dgmodel

<puttin on jammy's and packing up my mtn-hip pack full of lotions and aroma-therapy candles>

Okay see you in 5...

<car doorslams, tires peel-out>

don't get my hopes up now, a disappointed jy is a mean jy ;)


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Originally posted by djjonstephen

Oh yeah? Why don't you make your way to Queens and find out for yourself?:)

round yourselves up, im sure DG wouldn't mind driving swing by albany and pick up Carl and head up to Montreal :)

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