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***official*** Way Out West Roll Call

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I'll be there. I'm pretty psyched about Friday too.. WOW don't tour around the U.S. very often, and seeing them in Axis is going to be sweet!

I saw Nick Warren in Avalon on a random Thursday in November and he was great! But it did still leave just a little bit to be desired... and I think seeing him and Jody together would do the trick!

I saw a great list of tracks they've been playing recently on the Avalon board... I'm gonna try to dig it up and post it here so people can see what they have in store for them on Friday!

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Well, here are those tracks I talked about in my last post... maybe they will entice you!

WOW - The gift (new mix)

WOW - Ajare (new mix)

WOW - Stealth (new mix)

WOW - Intensify pt.1

WOW - Mindcirus (club/phunk investigation)

Jam n' Spoon - Odyssey to Anyona

Sinead O'Connor - Troy (creamer/k mix)

Groove Armada - Superstylin

Solid Sessions - Janeiro (james holden)

Starecase - Faith

Chris Fortier - Losing Wait

Flash - Chilling moments

Stefano Greppi - Electro Pop

Dino Lenny - I feel stereo (Gilbey mix)

Tone depth - Rumblefish (vocal mix)

Bjork - All is full of love (Brancaccio/Aisher)

Lustral - Everytime (Mavi mix)

Gorecki - Lamb (Bill Hamel mix)

Way out west mix of Perfect Motion

Way out west mix of Clanger sea dog

James Holden - Horizons (WOW mix)

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I am definitely going...it is going to be crazy. I totally agree Carelli, when we saw Nick at International Thursdays at Avalon he is wa great but I wanted more. Having the two of them is going to be crazy...WOW produces some nasty shiat. That tracklisting looks pretty nice two...all I have to say is Friday is a night that should not be missed as far as good music goes. Axis is going to be bumpin....:eek:

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