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Originally posted by vicman

1 Molotov Cocktail please!

That was this guy's problem. The first time he went over there he should have been ultra polite in asking the guy tobe quietter, but have been carrying a cocktail with him. If his neighbor called the cops he could have disposed of the evidence before he arrived. That way the redneck neihgbor would have though the guy was a dangerous psycho and watched his step (or told Ma and the youngins that a feud was a-brewin and to go fetch their shotguns).

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Originally posted by malanee

I think those may be my relatives...


This is a no bullshit true to life redneck dirty white trash story about the people that live up the street from my father.

A little backfill: The father: Wavey aproximately 65. No shit his name is Wavey Kirsch. There is no mother: how the kids got here is a mystery that will never be solved. The oldest son: Davey Kirsch around 34-35, Thats his birth name, not david. The only daughter, Melissa about 30-31, nothing really to gawd awful strange. The youngest son: I went to school with this one and don't know his name, every called him "snuffelufagous", This guy has one of the biggest noses I have ever seen, he's got a deviated septum and his nose runs all the time.

Anyway the Kirsch's after many years of saving thier money cause the house that they did live in looked a lot like something straight out of deliverance with holes in the walls big enough to through a cat through decided to buy a 65 foot long double wide mobile home and put it somewhere on the farm. These people have always had many "pets" and living in the old house it didn't really matter cause they just came in went as they pleased with the holes in the walls they could do that with ease. But anyway, they have this BRAND NEW 76,000 dollar mobile home, really nice too, from what my father said cause I saw it after the Kirsch's had been living in it for only six months. These people, AKA freaks of nature, brought all of thier pets into thier brand new home, I would estimate it is somewhere around 6 dogs, a bunch of fucking cats, one sheep and a goat. YES a sheep and a goat. Within the first two days the goat had eaten most of the carpet in the living room the screens out of all the doors the wallpaper off the walls and mostly all of the furniture. My father drove me by the mobile home to show what the Kirsch's have bought and you could smell the sewage because these people had built no septic tank, put in no lateral lines or anything, the sewage fell straight from the toilet, shower, sink, whatever, right onto the ground below them. The place where they put the home, had no well, cistern, no rain catchers, nothing, so whenever they wanted to use water they pulled the truck that had a 300 gallon water tank on the back over to the home and pluged it in to the water pump so they could take thier usual once every two week bath.

More to follow about how they refused to accept the offer from the city on getting city water ran to thier house.

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