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Memories....Looking Back..


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lol, mine was pretty terrible actually.

I went to this snoby private highschool and the grad night was supposed to be the best night of our lives (or so we thought back then). We had the limo's booked and our dresses ready, I spent all day having my hair, makeup and nails done and finally got home slipped into the dress and headed off to pick up the rest of my friends.

The dinner was just annoying because our families were invited and then afterwards like all good 17 year olds we went clubbing. From the time I left the hotel until the time we got to the club I started feeling sick and when we got to the club I had to leave. Turns out I had food poisoning and because I was too scared to call my mother because I thought she'd think i had drank too much I spent the entire night in our hotel room hanging over the toiled bowl..


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jr. prom~~>did all the hair nail crap.....took 800000 pictures...sat at the prom while all the boys bent the spoons and broke things! LOL........got into a wicked car accident afterwards on the way to my friends house to change for the city((it was origskeems car!but it was my date driving))......but we didn't tell anyone and hit up the TuNnEL anyway! ..... it was just one of those things u would deal with in the morning!;) ...not to mention 90% of the people in our limo to the city had to go directly to saturday detention after the city!

Sr. year~~>same deal...hair nails..blah blah....pictures....it was definitely weird...i dunno...prom sucked big time....too much drama leading up to it...went to the city as usual......then drove straight down the shore....lots of exciting events down there...cannot even describe!! .........

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Junior yr was eh...my date was too busy dancing with all of my friends and I spent too much time trying to get his attention....after prom my best friend hooked up with him in my living room.

Senior yr was a lot of fun....loved my dress....all of my friends were having a blast....until my other best friend decided to dump her bf that night causing hell to break open on the limo ride back.

After prom was a lot of fun though

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..Junior prom...yeah...I didn't go...I'm lucky I made it to my senior prom....Let's just say in HS I lacked that team spirit (given the HS I attended...it isn't any wonder :rolleyes: )

...Senior Prom...Well yeah...so much drama leading up to it....I wore a white and silver dress, so I had to be plenty tan to decipher my skin from the fabric...so of course, a lil' more than one week before the BIG EVENT...I got this major rash or something, all over my arms, back of my shoulders, and slightly on my face...who knows what was in that tanning bed...but umm...luckily it cleared up quickly. Then there was my date. Ugghh...my ex we'll call him "Billy". Well, while we were together, he had said he wanted to take me to my prom..blah blah blah...and even though we broke up I thought it would be all good. WRONG! Turns out I met my ex of four years ...we'll call him "Dean" about a month before hand....so the whole situation was sticky...and Billy was acting like such a jerkoff cause he was a lil' bitter!

The Big Event...Well...of course, I live in Jerz...and there was like, some kind of major traffic issues, and all the major highways were all packed. Our Limo arrived like almost 2 hrs late...and then after making a stop at all the houses...(most of the limo had divorced parents...so there literally were like 10 picture stops)....we were finally on our way, basically 2 hrs behind.

We pull up to this fancy schmancy place where they're having this thing...all irritated as hell because the limo driver didn't speak a bit of English..not to mention the party bus he knicked on the way in....so we all walk in...distorted and disgusted...only to find the prom picture dudes...were about to leave!! So we all scramble up to get some sort of momento of this pitiful evening....(ahhaha...my friend still has our huge prom pic on her dart board...no joke). The actual event went by uneventful...we missed dinner, desert sucked...and we danced for all of five minutes.

So then we headed down the shore....where we all got drunk..plastered off our asses...and my friend proceeded to fuck her cousin (through marriage), who was also her date, in her beat up blue LaBaron! "when the LaBaron's a rockin, don't come a knockin":laugh: ...that and the fact that her cousin was doing HUGE lines of blow in our bathroom...cracked out of his ass...all lead to our faithful departure....less than 12 hrs after we arrived. So we headed home....but before that...we had to make a stop to bail another friend out of jail.

::sigh:: yeah...Memories...:bigfinger:

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