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alright, let's hear those thoughts on best acapella's out there

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I spin a different style of music than most here, just so you know, so the acapellas I like tend to be more terse than melodic and flowing...

In any case, I only have about 10 acapellas myself, and I've only used 4 of em (SI Futures - We Are Not a Rock Band, Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On, Outkast - So Fresh So Clean, Macy Gray - Demons), and Get Ur Freak On is the only one I use with any frequency. Hell, I'm just getting down acapellas to begin with. However, when a bunch of us saw Stanton Warriors, they dropped an acapella of Lady Dynamite - Boooo! that absolutely rocked it. I wouldn't mind getting a few more MCing acapellas myself, but they're really really hard to find over here.

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the speed me up acapella is a favorite of mine..

DT's elements is classic, drop that "ladies and gentlemen" and everyone know whats up.

and although not technically an acapella, Hani's Baby Wants to Ride keys sound nice with a hard beat behind em...

I rock madd acc's during a set so i could go on for daze

Mike BuGouT

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Originally posted by spikesnj

anything by cevin fisher.......


anything that talks about "funk', "music", or "soul".....gotta have that in a set


Thats one I use a lot......

I tend to drop a lot of acapellas just for the fuck of it......here are some other faves:



Hide You

The Fall acapella

Up in Flames

Feel the Drums

Pure Energy

Don't Be Alarmed

Just to name a few.....

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