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ny house what exactly is it

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Being that I'm not much of a house head, I might not be the best to answer this one, but I'll try...

Chicago Hard House - runs at about 140 BPM, bass tends to be pitched up on the EQs, more of a boom boom boom sound going on, tends to have some harsher sounds, very fast mixing and each track is played for a short period of time, often a harsh dissonence in the mixes. Examples: Bad Boy Bill, Richard Humpty Vision, Venom, Irene (yeah I know the last 2 aren't from chicago but they still play chicago hard house)

New York House: runs at about 130 BPM, tends to be a lot more vocal oriented, long mixes that usually play out most of the full track, very little high hat action, bassline rolls slightly more, has somewhat of a garagey feel but much darker. Examples: Danny Tenaglia, Junior Sanchez, Erick Morillo

West Coast House: Runs at about 125 BPM, funkier chunkier basslines with a lot of tribal percussion, a lot of dubby breaks, not too vocal driven but a lot of samples, sometimes can get fairly techy. Examples: Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, DJ Garth.

I can't really say much for Non-hard chicago house as I haven't heard too much of it, so if anyone feels like enlightening there, feel welcome to, and if you think I got my descriptions wrong, then say so there too because I probably did - D

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Real chicago house is much slower and has more of a "jacking" mechanical feel as opposed to the more soulful, vocally NY stuff, if that means anything. Check out Marshall Jefferson ("Move your body" is the best) and all the old Trax stuff for the definitive sound. Imagine Green Velvet slowed down and funkier. Its hard to explain, just listen to stuff and you'll get it. If what you mean is Chicago hard house, well the difference is that its shit and NY house isn't.

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