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Peanut Buttah Jelly Time!!!

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Originally posted by spinsaikel

This thing blows.

thank you. i thought i was the only one who thought that.

although that one line about "peanut butter jelly with a base ball bat..." is almost funny because it makes no fukin sense!

its too late...i should be asleep.

(only now i'm afraid that i am going to dream about some dancing fuking banana...)


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Wow dude that is so wierd.....I was checking out a random friend's AIM profile a few minutes ago and that peanut butter jelly banana thing was on his profile. And then I come here and it's here! Wow this must mean something! Haha...

But really, it's just a random thing, don't get so emotional about it everyone! I find that fact that it makes absolutely no sense to be amusing...

Anyone ever see the squirrel, gonads and strife thing and/or the Kikia thing! AHHHHH!!!

Ok take care everyone!


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