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Dance Music Creators out there!

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Even wonder how people compose / produce these tracks that you all like? :D You know a good share of dance hits is being created in bedroom studios (that is amateur studio located in one's bedroom)

Anyway, if you're making your own tracks, or just playing around, let us hear it! :)

You can check out what I'm playing with @ www.essentialwave.com

The track is called Tranceformations, and it took me a while! (plus I'm still working on it) so don't be too critical! :D I'm not a pro.



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Thanks :)

When you say "underlying melody" do you mean a base line solo of some sort, or a chord progression?

I just got a reply from my friend, who is real producer, and he was really pleased with how much progress I've made in a little more than a year (that's when I started).

Anyway, thanks for your reaction!

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sounds real good for a year

what are u using to write your tracks.

check out


thats my three latest tracks

im producing for about 1 1/2 yrs.

i finally have two tracks comin out on single

one of them is up there

what i meant in that comment was which synth did u want to be the underlying melody? the bass? etc.


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Hey, I was finally able to listen to your tracks!

I gotta tell you, they sound unbelievable. Did you seriously compose and produce them (all by yourself) only after 1.5 years being in production? It's kind of hard to believe, but if that's the case, more power to you :D The sound quality is really great, you must have access to a high-end studio and an audio engineer.

I would deffinitely buy these tracks!

To answer your question - I made my track in Reason, that's pretty much what I use now - it has everything in it.

Yeah the underlying melody was meant to be that Bass synth, but I know I need something else to support it thru out the track.

P.S. - I really liked the vocals in "The Calling"

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yeh i produced them all myself.

i do not have access to a high end studio

i do all my production in my home.

i use Logic Audio 5.0 with several vst plug ins

ES1, EXS24, PRO52, and the Orange Vocoder

For my outboard mixing i use two yamaha 01v's

and i also have a virus, supernova, and a jupiter 6

My adivce is to learn logic. it will make your sound sooo much better. you have total control over every sound and the soft synths are really incredible.

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