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E-City, and the brother review.

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I never made it out of Tyson's corner with my bro except thursday night when about 10 of his co-workers were looking for a place to eat and the only place that I knew was good in the area was the malibu grill, so we went there and the guys LOVED it. After stuffing ourselves it was back to the hotel for many beers in the hotel lounge. It was really good to eat at Malibu twice in one week, I feel so privileged. Many thanks to whoever it was that started the thread about the meet-up there.

Friday night the guys didn't want to get to far away from the hotel so we went to this "we are trying to be a really posh club in DC but were not really in DC kinda clubs called "E-City" in Tyson's Corner off of Leesburg Pike. If you like a mix of mostly salsa, a lot of really bad R&B slow grinding hip hop (shagy), CHEEESE FUCKING TRANCE (the music player guy who if someone called him DJ I would smack them, played a remix of castle's in the sand that I think was 30 min long, arrggghhh), and then topped off the night with limp bizkit. It pretty much hit just about every shitty style of music, and tried to please everyone (except me) and I sat in a corner sucking Guinness wishing I was at Buzz, until I got really drunk and decided that "when in Rome, fuck it!" have fun. The only two things about the place that I can say something positive about is there was a LOT of eye candy, and they had guinness. There were so many beautiful women in the place that I might go back if every nighttime entertainment establishment on the eastern seaboard burns to the ground and they lower the price of a pint of Guinness to 3 bucks.

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