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Monica Sweetheart

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Originally posted by bigpoppanils

when i clicked on this thread.....i was asked for a network password for hustler


me and a friend went halfer's on a three day subscription for hustler.com, it's only 4.99 for three days and I figure I might as well share with the goodies as I take all the photos I can and put them in my hard drive. If you all want to see more just let me know and I can post some more on here, but don't want to piss anyone off by throwing a bunch of porn on this site.

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Originally posted by dgmodel

copyrights... if you wanna help us out... instead of posting pics... post your USERNAME and PASSWORD then we all can share...

I can't do that. I used a credit card to get into the site, and it's not that I don't trust you or anyone else, it's just that I don't trust you and anyone else. Nothing personal about it, but credit card fraud and me seems to happen all the time together except I am never the one that benefits from it.

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