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Why I like to be called saleena351

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When I was young my dad really wanted a daughter and not a son. My dad was so angry with me when I was born that he would Guido fist pump me in the ass everyday to punish me. I had the personality: I loved being a drama queen, Ken dolls, mini skirts and men. The only problem is that I needed a vagina! When I turned 10 years old my dad finally got me the present I’ve always dreamt of, a sex change operation for my birthday. Thanks to dad I can finally wear all my favorite pink dresses, tall heels and disposable tampons. I would love to meet everyone from the Miami board and maybe have a girl’s only night out. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get along with people so I have to start drama on the board so everyone will notice me. I try my best to search through every single thread/post on the messageboard and try to make controversial comments in the hope that someone will like me and maybe, just maybe, want to be my friend. Will you people from the Miami board PLEASE, PLEASE accept me into your lives? I wish I could move back to NJ but I still live with my mom and dad and they’re the reason I had to move down here in the first place.

BTW, I’m single and looking for a good man to sweep me off my feet, if you have really big hands and think you’re my knight in shining armor then please PM me cause I’m desperate to get Guido fist pumped by someone other than my dad.

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