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i'm so confused/pissed off/angry.. :mad:

my BESTFRIEND tells me monday that we can't be friends anymore and then follows by telling me every possible reason why i'm a terrible person. Now it's a week later and the phone calls aren't stopping and he insists "we don't lose touch".


he doesn't want to be friend now he does, he tells me that he thought i'd take it harder and that it makes him sad to see that i can move on sooo easily. I'm not moving on easily i'm just not letting this bullshit ruin my life..

you gotta keep living no matter how hurt you can possibly be..

anyways.. i think its a fucking game, i think he wanted to know if i cared enough and he played it this way.. he figured that ditching me all together would make me run back to him and cry my eyes out. but i didn't and now he's upset and kissing my fucking ass everyday.. leaving me voicemails telling me he misses me and all that shit..

first he doesn't want anything to do with me and the second he sees that i can infact live without him he gets upset and wants me back in his life..

fucking games i tell you.. all of it is games... :mad:

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