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eating a couple conserta's and drinking?? it's pretty phat....i've had my days with E, K, & G...but i've chilled with all that shit.....its weird...i can drink like a fish on these pills..but it just makes the effect of the conserta more powerful..and it feels like rollin with so much energy...i've been up all night every time i've done it...slept for a few hrs..and felt fine the next day...and its safer & cheaper than real drugs!

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Originally posted by hardtopleaz

can u explain what aderall and consertas are? :confused:

aderall is like ritalin but stronger. basically makes you stay awake. they give it to people with bad a.d.d. cause it also helps you concentrate.

the urban legend is that aderall is 90% the make up of speed but i think that is all bs.

from my understanding conserta is basically aderall but more of a time releas like someone said earlier.

and people just because a drug is legal does not make it good for you... every drug has its purpose and if you take it for other reasons you are abusing that drug and in most cases harming your body in some way.

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