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What is the....?

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This might sound like a dumb post - but here's a few questions for whomever wants to answer them. Just cut and paste then type over my answers - so what is the....

1. Best vacation you ever took? Montreal when i was like 13 - stayed at the Chateau Frontinac (sp?) and spent the week walking around the streets, taking in the culture.

2. Best movie you ever saw? Good Will Hunting

3. Best present you ever recieved? Roger Clemens autographed baseball - that's gonna put my kids through college :D

4. Best present you ever gave? Took my dad to the last Bruins game at the Garden for his birthday - he was like a pig in sh!t

5. Best piece of advice you ever recieved? My mom once told me that "Knowledge is learning from your mistakes, wisdom is putting that knowledge to use."

6. Best way to spend $20? Around here, go to a PawSox game (minor league club for the Red Sox) - tickets, a hot dog and a beer cost less than parking up at Fenway

7. Best concert/show you ever saw? Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at Syracuse 1/29/99

8. Best date you ever went on? See #7 - If anyone writes a better love song than Dave, i'd like to meet them

9. Best way to relax? Walking through the woods or floating on a boat with Sasha's GU:Ibiza disk 1 or Bonham's Spundae II playing in the background

10. Best way to spend a rainy day Rent a movie, buy some popcorn and watch it with that special someone

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