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HBO documentary "Small Town Ecstacy"

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Right now there is a documentary on HBO called "Small Town Ecstacy." Such a disgusting display of ecstacy abuse in America, a parent giving his 13yr old son $20 so he can puy a pill to split with is 15 yr old sister. Sad as it is, a true story.

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I think what's even more sad is the fact that the media is completely blowing up the drug usage to make documentaries and movies and shit like that to make money.

In one way, yes, they are trying to alert people to what's going on and stuff..

But in another way, they are just using drugs as another money making scheme.

Whatever. :blown:

Because I'm sorry, but most people know how bad drugs are and what drugs do to you, etc.. but that doesn't stop them from doing them.. knowledge is NOT what stops people, it's more that that.

Typical drug user: I see something on TV or read something about people having deteriorated synapses in their brain from MDMA or something and I'm like: oh that sux. Then I just neutralize things and think "well that person must have did a lot, I'm not gonna do that much" or "that won't happen to me" or "I'm gonna slow down" or some shit like that. When in fact, a lot of times, it takes more than just knowing what something does to make the behavior stop. It takes actually REALIZING it for real, either through experience, through a close friend's experience, etc..

Err.. I just went off on a rampage. LOL you should all probally disregard what I wrote, I can't really explain myself right now, I just read a 200 page book for my exam at noon so my brain is overloading and kinda full..

I'm just BLABBING. :D

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