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HOT SHIT I'M STTTILLL lookin for!!!

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HELP!!! been searchin for weeks...some even MONTHS...

1.Who Da funk-Sting me red (Harry Choo Choo Romero mix)

2.Tim Deluxe-I Just Won't Do It

3.RH Factor-Brighter Day

4.Madam Friction-I'm Independant

5.Frou Frou-Breathe (Watkins mix)

6.Tomba vira-It's Something

7.Liquid People-Monster (Kidstuff mix)

8.Orange-remember me (brother brown mix)

9.Mash up-Kamasutra

10.Jamie Anderson-Rebel Sound (Rob rives mix)

11.brancassio and Aisher-Lovely Day (FUMI mix)

12.Dax Riders-real Fonky (robbie rivera's funk a tron mix)

13.Kidstuff-Alright (Matthew Roberts and D Ramirez mixes)

14.The Ones-Superstar

15.James Holden-Xylophone (Vocal mix)

16.Cevin Fisher-Get Together

17.Desert-I See The Light (D Ramirez Bitecrusher mix)

18.Kollaborators-Music all around (thats Robbie Rivera)

19.Kim English-treat me right (friburn and Urik and Razor mixes)

20.P.M.S. starring E Day-Mutherfucker (Evolved Dub)

21.Milk and Honey-You, Me and The music (M & S Epic club mix) FULL MIX

22.Angry Mexican DJs-Rock Dior(10,000 BC mix)

23.Dave Clarke-radz (Matthew "King Unique" Roberts mix)


25.Different gear-A Little Bit Paranoid

26.Absolute Beginerz-Reckless Girl

27.Saints and Sinners-HydroActive

28.Dirty Vegas-Throwing Stones

29. BROTHER BROWN & BOY GEORGE -Generations Of Love

30. Mint Royale - Sexiest Man in Jamaica

31. Dj Touche - Gimme My Money

32. Mojolators Vs Rubber Souls-Close My Eyes

33. C-Mos -Calling All Cars (Mathew Roberts Mix)

34. Mike Monday-TFDT

35. Celine-A New Day (thunderpuss)

36. Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams 2002 - Tingo's Wet Dream Mix/Dub

37.Robbie Rivera-The Hum Melody

38. Richard F-Feels Alright

39. Saeed and Palash-Watching You

40. Steve Lawler-Andante

41. Hott 22 presents Sweetreat –Dreamscape

42. Wink-Freak (HCCR)

43. Cedric Gervais feat Shauna Solomon-Revolution (Hydrogen Rockers mix)

44. Foremost Poets-Moonraker (dirty mix)

45.Sifter-Pucker Up

46. Mankind Liberation Front-Warm, Strong, Numb (Andy and The Lamboy)

47. Kylie Minogue-Love at First Sight ( Kid Crème mix)

48. Nectar-Big World

49 .BK-Junglise

50. Paulina Rubio-Dont Say Goodbye (Tingo's mix)



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Fliz, how in God's name did you remember all of them?

Maaad props. LOL!:tongue:

by the way if you want, I have the Tomba Vira - It's something

Give me your AIM name so I can AIM you if you want it right now ;)

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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by fliz77



Yo, nikki beach is pretty phat... I checked it out about 2 weeks ago...

if you locate any of the frou frou mixes let me know

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Paulina Rubio - Don't Say Goodbye

mixes so far:

Tingo's Mix & Dub<--the one Denny drops

Mike Rizzo Global Mix


Rob Girellini

many to come Tingo's still the fav of da bunch they should be released soon:D

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