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hey sorry to all if i annoyed you, it really wasn't my intention...

(i did provide entertainment for the day though...)

my point is if a thread starts here, let it die here...

if people don't want to see it, then let them not reply, and the thread will die on its own...

it just isn't right to play allmighty by deciding what goes where, and more importantly, when it goes there...

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Okay I dont mean to butt in or start drama or anything..but I feel if a thread starts to stream of the topic of sex and starts to become where everyone is attacking each other why should it stay on the sex board? I mean thats why there is a drama board...the same thing goes on the New York board..once drama ensues it gets moved to the drama board..

I mean it does state moved by the thread so everyone knows that is was moved to the drama board.....

I dont think it is unfair if it is moved..if I start a thread and it proceeds to become drama then why shouldn't it be moved?


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