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Gone Too Soon

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For once in my life I was happy with the way things were

But the day that it came to an end is all a blur

It may have been short, but for me it was bliss

I cherished every moment up to the last kiss

Now I spend my lonely nites thinking about you

I want you back, but what can i do?

I wish I knew what was in your head

Do you think about me before you go to bed?

I think about you, I do it all the time

I would take you back at the drop of a dime

Maybe I need to give up, I dont want to sound obsessed

But the way I look at it, to have found you, i must have been blessed

I have this special kind of feeling for you

Such a strong love that is so pure and so true

not too bad huh?

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Have I.. ever.. loved you too much

Do I.. sicken you.. with every sweet touch

Have I been wrong...For oh so long

That its over...no closure...

When did this begin...these shakes...emotional outbreaks

Whered did my ..coldness go

The only thing numb.. is your dark kiss

Everything else hurts

When did things change...my fears..bring out your tears

Where are we now...everywhere but here.


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