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what would you name your club?

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Originally posted by malanee

Vurt (anyone read Jeff Noon?)


Oz could be risky. I think people no longer think of Oz in terms of "The Wizard of...."

I think Oz brings to mind images of big, mean looking black men ass raping scrawny looking Mexican dudes behind prison cells.

Wait, is that the effect you were going for?

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Guest jroo
Originally posted by dcsglow

club kitty...


hahahaha, throw in some teeth on that logo and im all down for that. boo boo kitty fuck still cracks me up. :)

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Originally posted by tinybutterfli

*giggle* maybe I should name mine "Madame Buddahfly" :D though I think there is a dj with that name...

There is a DJ with that name, I met her at Yoshi's last monday. I have a feeling that there are more than 1 Madame Buddafly's out there.

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Gotta coupleof names:

Pimpin Ho's

The combination of the following:

Buzz + Ozio : Buzzio

18th st. lounge + Ozio = 18th St. Ho's

Velvet + MadameOrgans = Confused Ho's

sheeit this is takin up too much time...

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