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Question about burning...

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ok lets do this.

1) take out the EFX500 from the picture

2) Your mixer (Vestax) should have an RCA output (red/white), your going to need an RCA to Stereo cable (if you want to hook into your pc)

now im under the assumption you have a cheesey or regular sound card, not a production sound card like a Delta44/66 that has numerous 1/4 inch jacks to plug in, so i figure you just have that small pinhole in your computer where you can put the mic in, thats fine.

3) Run the RCA (output) from your mixer to the Stereo (input, mic on your computer).

now you need a program to record with

4) open up your application to record, and now on your mixer edit the volumes so that your computers program during the peak of the song, barely red lines. your sure to get a fine sound this way.

now if your Vestax has a loop on it, then just hook the damn EFX thing up to the mixer :)

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