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Ibiza 2002 lineup and tips for an Ibiza virgin

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Anyone know a tentative lineup for Ibiza 2002....im going there on July 26-Aug 3 just with one other friend...also wanted to know how Americans fit in the international scene cause were not really liked by other countries and we stick out like sore thumbs cause our fashion is alot different...whats a typical person from outta the US dress like cause they all look like wierdos to me...then again we look like wierdos to them...its all about gettin girls down there too...how hard is that??

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I've been to Ibiza 4 times, this summer will be my 5th. First, I always wear my "I love NY" tank, and EVERYONE says hello to me. They LOVE us, they all say in some crazy language "You go to Twilo???" or "We love Tengaglia".

It is all about the music. No attitudes, none of that BS. The girls are WAY HOT. You will come back to the US, and that girl you thought was smoking hot that won't give you the time of day will become a doormat. Tips:

Get in shape...everyone is hot.

Prepare to dance, for days.

Wear sunscreen.

Take vitamins, as you will most likely be run down by day 3.

Go to Space on Sunday - A MUST

Go to the Foam pary at Amnesia

Go to a Goa party.

Let me know if you need more help.

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ive been working out since january bro...i thought all those europeans were out of shape...i was thinking about my i love NY tshirt also i just didnt think they liked us too much especially now with the war...good advice though...ive heard alot of the same about the clubs...wheres a GOA party at anyways cause thats some hot trance...and not to sound corny but how hard is it to get a chick over there cause its a new atmosphere and ive never been anywhere except cancun miami and vegas and thats all NY girls so im used to the NY attitude...wont stop me there though

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to be honest with u, my friend set it up through sta travel, i think it's called playa . . .something something, he told me and i forgot. we're going to madrid on the 15th, staying there for 6 hours, then flying to ibiza. u can e-mail me at [email protected] to talk more if u want.

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oooooo man i cant wait

aug14-24 baby....10 days of madness....

as of now confimred dj's




alex gold

carl faaaawking cox twice


tunnel trance force

seb fontaine

these are just the ones i know of

oh yea ill be staying at los molinos

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