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New Noreaga Song????

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I'm trying to find out the name of the new Noreaga song....it has, like, an indian background music. The chorus goes kind of like this.."homeboy, you're girl was looking at me......whatcha wanna do, whatcha trying to do....." I've downloaded most of the songs off his new CD and I haven't found it.

thanks for the help.

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that song is offfffffffffffff the hook...no doubt summer banger...good catch on ag italianchris...i think everyone will be searching for noriega - nothing...heheheheheh...cut the song up and set it off with the instru...hehehhehehe...the break towards the end is hot...it's also under noreaga - nothin...good luck

check out:

fresh from yard - lil kim feat beenie man

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Originally posted by gqsmuv

btw, if you want a clean version (basically no dj envy or kayslay shouting all over the damn song), do a search for this:

nothin (radio) - noreaga

LOLOL i made a rap cd for my cuzin about a week ago and i couldnt find a cleanversion of anything...

(with echo)

"Yo, I wanna give a shout out to mah nugga C-L, to Mah nugga G-smoke, to mah mamma, and to mah nugga L-5... yea yea!!!"

i was like WTF! :blown:

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