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I had a dream


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about Clubkat... it was the strangest thing. I don't remember what lead up to it, but we were having an affair. The strange thing was that she lived in another country and had to go home, so I was so upset that she was leaving I snuck onto the plane with her. It was very odd...

even more odd is that I have never met this girl...

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I had a dream I was walking down fifth avenue and all the buildings around me blew up like grenades...everything was quiet...then the pieces of the buildings were falling from the sky like rain...everyone was screaming and panicing running into each other..I dove under a truck and there was a girl under there with me...she grabed onto me for dear life...she was shaking badly..

she kept rasping "Why why why...." I kissed her to quiet her lips.

Then I woke up...I could still hear the screaming....but it was only me.


Yeah..I know..I know..

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