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Eh Im Dying Again...


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last night went out with my friend from work, had a great time... too much of a good time... he got me all liquored up, and goofy... this morning i woke up, liquor shits, vomiting... and praying for salvation... !!! grr... HELP! i feel like a piece of shit, he prolly came into work and i couldnt even make it to the front door... damn... im staying in the rest of my life... :(:vomit2::vomit3::puke:

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Life is hard enough without drinking dude. Your post is a reminder to stay off the sauce.

Actually, then again, alcohol in moderation can sometimes have a theraputic effect. I find if I go to bed sort of drunk, I think I have a more relaxing nights sleep sometimes, and it helps clear my head.

But getting destroyed is definitely a bad move.

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i agree with you 110% however... youre a stronger man then ill ever be... see i hate my housemates, i hate my life, and more importantly i need this right now just to deal with all of the above... i know im going to get about 100 pm's / posts saying dude your a fucking alcoholic or whatever... but its the truth... i know i sound like a crackhead but... hey thats life... everyone has a vice in life... unfortunatley this is mine...

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