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What was your first post on clubplanet?

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This was mine lol 2 years ago >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

18+ clubs in nyc???

are almost all the clubs in nyc 21+ now??? which one's are still 18+ (or on which nites)

is exit 21 or 18??


ok post yours:D

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Romy..... great thread here.....

http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22619 my first batch of threads were on the music board... and i asked a guestion that about 190321401874 ppl asked and ahahah some ppl laughed at me, some welcomed me. It was great. Now I have like Triple their posts LOL.


Welcome Me! Song ID... What the f*ck...

Hi all, I've sat around for a few months just reading others posts, but never really having anything to ask. I did hear a song last night on KTU, that I know I've heard. Vocals are something like "Know What is What, What the fuck". I know I've heard it at Exit or Factory. Let me know please.


What an amature I was:blank: ;)

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