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Do you have a club right now that you call "home"?

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Not me, and have not had one since Tunnel closed in August:( :( :(

Even though alotta people were like ughhhhh Tunnel, I NEVER had a bad night there, and I was seriously there every single sat :( :(

I miss the fuzzy room too =(

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Avalon/Axis in boston (they're joined on Fridays). Used to go there once every month or two, then about 6 months ago they BLEW UP! Getting awesome tallent every Friday night (best in the country)... so now I'm there just about on a weekly basis. Awesome sound, good crowd (in Axis), and great music... I'm in club-heaven (for Boston, that's rough!)

If any of you feel like taking a roadtrip up here, just let me know! :)

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