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Originally posted by nympho69

ok im going to europe

my question, are european men better in bed?

include personal experiences please

hahahahaha........ I'm in no position to give you a correct answer.

I saw some advertisements in celeb. magazines about the fact that American man ain't knights in shining armour like us European guys (watch out for those Italian guys though), but they are learning to act like such.

It all depends on what you need... sensetivity and love over raw sex??? It's up to you... You can find it all in Europe that's for sure.

But given your callsign a second thought I think you go for the raw sex, you should visit Italy....and dye your hair blond if it ain't blond already. ( nothing personal, no beef with Italian guys, just ain't my style, but he...some American kids think I'm gay, so much to learn fellaz).

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