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What To Do, What To Do

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There's this girl I work with who I think is absolutely adorable. We've been talking a lot more than usual lately, and it seems like there's some sort of spark between us. She's kind, intelligent, funny as hell, a total sweetheart.

Anyway, I just hung up the phone after arguing with my girlfriend. She told me that she's starting to feel like things will never get better between us and asked me if I thought it was worth everything we're going through. We were basically on the verge of calling it quits for the 30th time.

WTF?! I am so F'in confused in life. I don't know what to do. I just have to laugh at it all. Here I am arguing day in and day out with my girlfriend, driving myself crazy, going to counseling, when this girl at work catches my eye and is total sweetness. I'm not saying that I'm just gonna forget my girl and jump on my new friend at work (I'm not like that at all), but (even disregarding the girl at work) it made me think about so many things: Is it ever going to get better between me and my girl? Is there a chance of it working? Do I deserve better? Do I need to deal with the bullshit I'm dealing with today? Is it worth it? WTF?! :spin: :worry2: :D

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