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Originally posted by snoboardr2

Can you ppl name me different kinds/ types of X you've either rolled with or heard about?

1. shooting stars

etc. please?



red bull

pit bull

mercedes benz


no name







love dove

V2 (as in the greman missle)

hmmm i know more but i can't recall all of them

the best was the playboy

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Originally posted by zekefreak

some of the pills I've had recently were...

blue doves

blue nikes

yellow alligators


white bad boys

white stars

white omegas

any of those lasted for mor than 2-3 hours? just wondering....

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yeah...the blue Nikes were a much longer roll. What I have been doing is taking one of the alligators at the beginning of the night...they hit real quick and hard. And then a few hours later when I feel it start to come down I pop a Nike which picks it right back up and lasts the rest of the night. The Doves lasted pretty long too...maybe about 4 hours of feel good time.

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