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…so last night I gave TastyT a good long hard fucking…

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she came through the door and opened her mouth to speak, but there wasn’t enough time for words to come out as I thrust forward and locked my lips onto hers…kissing long, hard and deep…we struggled to catch our breath…I put her legs around me and brought her upstairs, tossing her on the bed…I turned her face down with a gentle but forceful push…with my left hand, I grabbed both her wrists and held them down as I began to kiss her behind her ear and the side of her neck…with my right hand I began to feel her body up and down, from her breasts to her ass…on the second or third pass, my hand reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy…my tongue began to roll on the back of her neck…licking, kissing, biting…I sat back and in what seemed to be one quick motion, unbuttoned and pulled off her pants and panties…as I leaned back towards her, she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her…I started slow…trying to grasp that first eternal moment of penetration and how beautiful that felt but then we began move…thrusts became faster, deeper, harder…I leaned all the way forward and pushed by body against her body, taking her hands and clenching them with mine…faster, deeper, harder…breaths turned into pants turned into moans turned into screams…faster, deeper, harder…and then it happened…one long release…one long moan…one long orgasm…screaming in each others’ ear…everything trembled for just that moment…and the world stood still…

I turned her around and looked into her eyes…grabbing her face with both hands, I kissed her long, hard, and deep…

“Hi” she said, smiling..


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..and imagine if I had a longer lunch today what I could have put together...

this was the first thing I have written in soooo long....i really miss the power of words...glad you liked it...

talk can be cheap but at the same time, language...whoof...language can create and destroy...one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer...still do in a way...

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