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Title: Conversations

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I'm looking for this house song called Conversations......and It's impossible to find...........Does this title sound familiar to anyone??? Please help..........all I know is that it's 4-5 years old....:tongue:

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It's called conversation and I think it's older than 4-5 yrs. old....

It's got like a jazzy horn sample in it, right?

I have it on a bootleg vinyl somewhere, but I don't know the artist...it was on the b side of the "Somebody's Watching Me" remix I had gotten at the time. But I'm sure it's on other vinyls as well...

Anyway, u might want to go to a record store that sells house classics...possibly Decadance or even 8-ball in the city.

As far as finding it on AG...GOOD LUCK.


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