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I will be here on Memorial Day weekend....

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Originally posted by malanee

I thought you and Michael were going to be up in NYC? He invited me to come with! :tongue:

BTW, will you call him w/ details for tomorrow?

yeah, thats the plan. Squeaky and foamy here on Friday, then leave Saturday afternoon for NYC after he gets off work and hit this up on Saturday, and then staying there on Sunday, and returning during the day on Monday (which we dont work).

Yeah, he's in the loop with everything going on for tommorrow, got the new info in the morning icon14.gif

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Im 100% doing this trip, since I doint have to worry about a place to saty. I can fit 5 in my car, and would gladly take you guys whetehr if that means one of yous go in the trunk or tied to the roof :D

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