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Goa Mix Silver

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Ever listen to Goa Mix Silver by Oaky?

I've been looking for the songs / mixes that he got from Blade Runner but haven't been able to find them. Did Oaky do it himself or does somebody know the name of the tracks?

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here's the tracklisting for the 1st hour-

(00.00) Mr V - Give me Life

(01.54) Grace - Skin on Skin (Orange Mix)

(08.08) Li Kwan - Point Zero

(13.31) Disco Evangelists - De Niro (Spaceflight Mix)

(15.32) Virtual Symmetry - The V.S.

(20.25) Vangelis - Tears in Rain

(22.26) Salt Tank - Eugina (Pacific Diva)

(23.52) Hallucinogen - LSD

(29.44) St Etienne feat. Moira Lambert - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

(30.01) Wojciech Kilar - Vampire Hunters

(31.01) Electrotete - Alcatraz

(38.14) Vangelis - Main Titles

(39.13) Man With No Name - Floor Essence

(45.04) Scorpio Rising - Dubcatcher

(48.04) Man With No Name - Evolution

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