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Cookie Recipe for weed

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COOKIES - use the homemade cookie mix stuff from the box, or if you can ask mom what she uses. The premade cookie dough stuff wont work. You need the kind that you actually cook up.

Since THC is oil based and not water based you need to use an oil based product for this to work. USE BUTTER, CRISCO, LARD any OIL BASED PRODUCT. DO NOT MARGARINEmagarine is not an oil based product so it won't work. Heat the OIL BASED PRODUCT but not to where it is boiling but steaming, add what weed you want to use in with the butter or whateverput in it, let simmer until the weed becomes extremely soft and begins to fall apart. At this point it's up to you what you do with the weed, you can take the weed out of the butter, ring it out so to get all the butter out of it and just throw it away, or chop it up finely so you aren't pulling weed out of your teeth, it doesn't matter because all of the THC has been cooked out of it and is soaking in the butter. You will be able to see the film on the butter at this point. Use that butter as the butter for your cookies (not to cover the cookie-sheet with) Cook and enjoy, I used a 1/2 gram of Northern Lights for 6 cookies between 4 people and were fucking trashed for about 9-10 HOURS.

This also work with muffins and anything else you ccan cook with an oil based product.

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