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guys: vaginal tightness? how noticable/important?

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i've wondered about this, as i've had very little experience - basically nothing i care to count (long story) before the first guy i had regular sex with, but we didn't have much before we broke up our short-lived relationship. i couldn't get him to answer this question 'cause he got shy about talking about sex unless we were in the middle of it ;) . (the only thing he ever did say was that i "make him come in seconds," but i don't know if that had anything to do with this.)

anyway, i figure that, because i've hardly done anything, i'm pretty tight. and, also, because having sex hurts, for chrissake. it's kind of in a good way, but i hope that gets better. so, here are my questions:

1. is the difference between girls who've had a lot of sex and girls who haven't really distinguishable, as far as tightness goes?

2. is that a big factor on how fast you come?

3. is that a big factor on how good the sex is?

* (and i know about kegel excercises, if someone's already thinking of bringing them up.)

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I'll give you my 2 cents...

For starters, as you know, girls come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller girls naturally have a smaller (tighter) vagina canals. Yes, because muscle stretches, the more she has sex the looser it becomes but not extremely noticable.

The cumming factor: if its a "snugger" fit, then it obviously feels better. Thats why guys like anal sex so much. If its too tight, it will cause more friction and the dick can get sore easily. But even a loose vagina feels amazing. Remember, guys can cum while fucking an apple pie. It's not the tightness that matters as much as 1) how clean her vagina is, 2) shaved? 3) odor? 4) whether or not the guy is really attracted to her, and many others. Its mostly psychological.

And, the girl can be the perfect size but the sex can still suck. Its not just the intercourse that makes great sex. Its the foreplay, kissing, sucking, licking, eating, caressing, and yes fucking, but if the chemistry isnt there, the sex will suck. Yes, he'll probably cum (cause guys cum way easier than girls) but theres a LOT more to it than pussy size.

Hope this helps you sweety...


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make sure that you aren't uncomfortable simply because you aren't aroused enough. the vagina lengthens and your muscles relax as you become more aroused. if that might be the problem, it's time to have a little talk with yer manfriend. :]

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