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Thinking back. . .

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I became friends with this guy named William a few years back and in the middle of one of his sex stories on how he had this 24 year old woman I stopped and asked:

"What does it feel like for a guy to have his cock in a warm wet pussy? ::stares blankly into the sky::

Because I know for a woman its like the feeling you get when your inner ear itches and you stick a q-tip in and it just feels sooooo goooodd and u never want it to end."

(call me a wierdo but i love that feeling which = clean ears lol)

So he tells me to open my mouth (at which point im thinking hes going to do something stupid being the 6'3 200lbs football meat man that he was) and so i did and he stuck my finger in my mouth. . .he made me feel the inside of my cheek and said "doesnt that feel so warm and wet?"

I totally clicked with this dude from that day on haha :laugh:

kat ~making boarders stick their fingers in their mouths since 2000~

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Originally posted by phatman

so for my first date with kat, i think i'll bring a box of q-tips and suck her fingers...

some awesome pleasure gonna be going on that night!!! :drunk:

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