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What's happened to dance culture?

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I recently heard an instrumental musak version of John Lennon’s ‘Revolution’ being played in an ‘everything for a pound’ shop. Thirty years after Janis Joplin satiricaly prayed for God to buy her a Merc, the company are using the same song to sell their luxury cars to her former fans.

These are two examples of how revolutionary music and ideas can dissolve into a world of mass markets and advertising. I’ve seen rave culture in the UK succumb to a similar fate over the last ten years, and want to find out what is being done to retain the scene’s socially innovative nature.

How has rave affected England and the rest of the world? Has the scene died along with its principals, or has it become such a common part of our lives we can no longer feel its reason? What was the point of it all?

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I don't know what's happening to rave culture. It's gotten so popular and so many people who are "unaware" just make fun of it and always associate it with glowsticks. Here in New York, the thing to do lately for people my age seems to be to go to these model/celebrity hangouts. In the seventies, celebrities such as Debbie Harry and the such would go to Studio 54. Today people go to restaurants or hotel bars. That scene to me is wack.

The whole rave thing, as we know it, is a thing of the past. I think it's evolved into a newer group of people. More people are beginning to understand dance music and the rest go to the aforementioned types of places. Drum and bass has become a more intellectual group of people. House is becoming more of an accepted norm, and trance is somewhat mixed in with the house and the old rave scene.

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